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Patric Miller

Liner notes by Patric Miller

55 Bel Air
Patric Miller

This is a song written loosely about my old neighbors on Peppertree drive. Very loosely. They did have pole beans, and a car...the rest is made up. Murder, innuendo, skeedaddling...all just part of the story of love and a great car!
Ashoken Fairwell-Heaven Help the Child
Jay Ungar/ Mickey Newberry
Mickey Newberry was a Eugene singer/songwriter with a HUGE Nashville pedigree. I bought his solo album in 1972, and made this song one of my favorite covers through the years. Brian added Ungar's haunting Ashoken Fairwell to the front in this arrangement early on with the Dopplegang, and it stuck.
2 Trains Running
Lowell George
Lowell George should have been my actual Doppleganger. I have been a huge fan of his writing and quirky style since 1979 when I first heard the live Little Feat album Waiting for Columbus...the best live rock album ever. 2 Trains just worked so well with violin and mandolin we just had to make it a Dopplegang standard.
Without You
Patric Miller
Written during my "mid-life crisis" period, this song is only semi-autobiographic in nature. The part that is true, is that I without my wife, I would be "drifting in a stream," and that I've "Never loved another" like I love her. This is a modern love song of redemption and commitment/
This should/could be my theme song. I modified the lyrics to be more about longing for love, instead of the snaky drug references of the original. The middle section is something that kind of morphed on stage over the years... I love the way this version turned out. All of Lowell's quirkiness, with a Dopplegang tinge.
Patric Miller
This is the first instrumental I wrote for the band. It became our theme song, and one that always lit up the stage and the dance floor, letting folks know that we weren't easily pigeon-holed. This was part of a demo recording we did live in 1994. Yes...we played fast and tight back then!
Tea Time
Patric Miller
Without question, this is the naughtiest "nice song" I have ever written. I set out to write a song that was radio friendly, but so loaded with double entendre that your mind would explode. What could be more innocent than sharing a cup of tea? OK...then.
Feels So Wonderful
Patric Miller

A song written about memories of the innocence of first love, and trying to get back to that feeling. Sometimes, the best times are "just lying there..."
2 Left Feet
Patric Miller
I wrote this for the express purpose of screwing up the archtypical "twirly dancers" that populate Northwest music festivals. It has enough time changes, and weird meters to make anyone stumble. It is dedicated to the ORIGINAL DANCING MAN, the late-great Zachery Zachon- one of our biggest, and most active dancing fans.
I wanted to write something to memorialize our reunion show... this is what came out. Everyone's name is in it...a little more Pop Country than intended...but, you write them as they come, right? Coming back together and playing with these guys, really was "like coming home!"
Sailing Shoes
Lowell George
Another Little Feat song (yes...I am a huge fan), and one of our "jam songs" when we play live. Again, too many drug references for me, but I love the groove...which is was kind of lifted and then mutated from the Sam Bush version of this otherwise snakey, slow blues song in the manner that Little Feat did it originally.
2nd Hand News- You Shook Me
Lindsay Buckingham/ Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson
Taking cheesy cover songs, and deconstructing them became one of our trademarks. This is a perfect example. Pete came up with this combo, and live, it stretches out over 2 or three other songs as well, depending on the night. No reverence for the classics... sorry.
Robert Hyman, Eric Bazilian, Richard Chertoff
I loved the Hooters in the late 80s, and we ended up covering a couple of their tunes. For the most part, they are pretty close to the originals, just replacing the melodica (the weird keyboard you can blow) part with Brian's violin.
Patric Miller
Another jam song with some form, that came about from just riffing on the basic guitar rif one day. Brian and Frank go nuts on this. This was recorded as a demo in 1994.
This is a Fairport Convention arrangement that Brian brought to the band. It was recorded here as part of the same demo...cut live...and REALLY fast. I usually broke out laughing when we were done...and had a was that fast and satisfying.